Conqueror CX22 ALIVE

25.00100.00 / pack

Conqueror CX22 ALIVE is part of the PowerCoat ALIVE family. This paper, with its embedded NFC technology allows instant integration of smart functionality and interactivity to virtually any paper product.

The products that you will purchase here will contain embedded PowerCoat ALIVE technology. This means that you will receive PowerCoat paper pre-printed with electronic circuitry and with a pre-embedded chip. This paper is laminated with blank sheets of our icon Conqueror CX22 papers, both hiding and protecting the chip and circuitry. The final product that you will receive will thus be ready to print via conventional graphic print techniques, including digital printing.

  • Paper texture: Smooth
  • Paper colour: Diamond White
  • Paper size: SRA3+ (320 X 460 mm)
  • Encoding: None

Options (depending on product):

  • Number of circuits per sheet: 2, 4 or 25
  • Sheets per pack: 3 or 5
  • Paper weight/ thickness: 340g (360 microns) or 445g (460 microns)
  • Chip capacity: 48 bytes or 888 bytes

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