Arjowiggins Creative Papers’ full offer of smart paper, making waves in the paper industry


PowerCoat® paper, the multi-award winning innovation from Arjowiggins, provides a smart way to integrate intelligent functionality into products we come into contact with every day. This includes packaging, event tickets, cards and magazines as well as more sophisticated applications and components including pressure sensitive materials, lighting or displays. This 100% paper substrate has a microscopically smooth coating that creates the ideal surface for printing electronic circuits, eliminating the need for plastics and additional processes. It is recyclable, biodegradable and FSC certified, and thanks to its inherent paper qualities, it is lightweight and flexible, so circuits can be folded, cut, torn or even burned to produce any desired function. Since its launch, the paper manufacturer has consistently been working on broadening their offer. Today, the offer includes various products for specific uses:


 PowerCoat® HD

PowerCoat® HD has an ultra-smooth surface that is ideal for printing the most complex conductive circuits. Its remarkably smooth surface has been specially engineered to yield impressively high-precision patterning. It can withstand high temperatures in sintering – a key process for printing electronics, allowing a dramatic reduction in the amount of expensive conductive inks required for printing circuitry.


PowerCoat® XD

PowerCoat® XD is designed for high-throughput processes typically required for the mass production of flexible circuitry. It is a reliable solution that performs and stands up to demanding production processes, and is the perfect solution if the surface smoothness of PowerCoat® HD is not required. PowerCoat® XD is the ultimate choice for transforming traditional high volume paper products into intelligent ones.


PowerCoat® ALIVE – NFC smart paper

PowerCoat® ALIVE is an intelligent paper with embedded NFC technology. Powercoat® ALIVE comprises the multiple award winning PowerCoat® XD paper with pre-printed circuits and an embedded and unpackaged silicon chip on which data is stored. This sheet (inlay) of PowerCoat® ALIVE paper can then be laminated with an aqueous glue between two sheets of our fine papers making for a seamlessly integrated chip. The result is an intelligent sheet of paper for printing connected objects using traditional graphic printing methods. In addition to these connected sheets, this range is also available in labels.

Now available through Antalis

PowerCoat® ALIVE sheets and labels are available on demand for customized products or via a selected international network of distributors for our ready-to-print standard graphic printing product offer.


PowerCoat® SmartCore

What is more, these PowerCoat®ALIVE paper inlays are compatible with plastics and other laminates, opening up a world of opportunity for new intelligent/ connected objects. Arjowiggins offers its customers a solution that facilitates the integration of intelligence into plastics and other laminates using injection molding techniques.


PowerCoat® Security Documents

Developed in response to the rise of counterfeiting and falsification of certificates, Arjowiggins Security Documents has pioneered the integration of secure data microchips into their paper products since 2011. These chips are readable via NFC, providing a new way to create and verify document authenticity.