Products and Benefits

PowerCoat® allows any solution-based electronic layer to be printed using various techniques, including inkjet, gravure and screen printing. Additionally, it also has lower bulk density in comparison to leading plastic substrates, making lightweight applications possible, allowing you to save right through to the delivery and packaging of your products.

It is currently available in two ranges, PowerCoat HD and PowerCoat XD:

An ideal substrate for laser lithography of high resolution patterning (as low as 5µm), it is capable of supporting several manufacturing processes including air drying, infared or phototonic flash sintering technologies. It’s efficient use of expensive silver inks means that you can realize dramatic cost savings on electrodes.

In high temperature sintering, PowerCoat® HD shows no noticeable change in its physical characteristics. Furthermore, in roll-to-roll processing where multiple printing and sintering processes run sequentially, it can withstand the constant mechanical tension required for high resolution printing of fine components, producing fewer registration issues than plastics.

Read more about PowerCoat HD here. 

Compatible with a wide range of existing production technologies including screen, Flexo, Gravure and Offset printing, PowerCoat XD gives you the flexibility to design high-volume electronic applications such as intelligent ticketing, labelling and smart packaging.

Thanks to our patented cellulose formulation, PowerCoat® XD is ideal for high-throughput applications that require fewer material deposition constraints. you still benefit from high roll-to-roll strength, excellent sintering capabilities and superior thermal stability.

Read more about PowerCoat XD here.

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