A revolution in electronics substrates

In our quest to continually challenge and innovate, we’ve developed PowerCoat® – a unique cellulosic formulation and coating process that provides an ultra-smooth, flexible, highly sustainable substrate for printed electronics.

PowerCoat® is a pure, cellulosic substrate that contains no plastics whatsoever. With its polymer-like smoothness, it provides the perfect surface for optimum conductivity.

In addition, improved ink adhesion and reduced absorption mean you can now print ultra-high resolution circuit patterns directly onto paper using significantly less ink, thus reducing costs.

Designed to withstand the temperatures and production processes normally required to print electronics, PowerCoat® also boasts increased thermal stability for control over sintering behavior, enabling excellent conductivity.

Because PowerCoat® is made of paper, it’s highly recyclable and biodegradable. With PowerCoat®, you save on the cost of printed electronics while reducing your product’s environmental footprint.


The new PowerCoat range

We’ve extended the product to two new levels of smoothness, each with its unique advantages and capabilities.



The new range includes PowerCoat HD, the original ultra-smooth product, and PowerCoat XD, designed for high-throughput applications that have fewer material deposition constraints.



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