The seamless way to integrate electronics with everyday products such as packaging, event tickets, cards and magazines as well as with more sophisticated applications and components including pressure sensitive materials, lighting or displays.

Whether it’s retail, education, medical or aerospace, every industry can benefit from integrating printed electronics on paper. Its potential reaches far and wide; food packaging that communicates the freshness of its contents, envelopes that may be electronically sealed and tracked, security and anti-counterfeiting applications or even wearable medical devices such as biomaterial sensors can now be realized thanks to this powerful innovation.

PowerCoat HD HERO

PowerCoat® HD has an ultra-smooth surface that is ideal for printing the most complex conductive circuits.

The remarkably smooth surface of PowerCoat HD has been specially engineered to yield impressively high precision patterning.

  • Force or pressure sensitive (piezo) materials
  • Thin film transistors (TFT)
  • Resistors, capacitors, self-inductance and other passive components
  • Interactive products with battery electrodes and sensors
  • Sophisticated security on physical documents
  • Flexible lighting and display circuitry for
    various applications
  • Printed memory
  • Solar cells and much more

PowerCoat XD HERO

PowerCoat® XD is designed for high-throughput processes typically required for the mass production of flexible circuitry.

  • Intelligent ticketing and labelling
  • Smart packaging and other interactive
    paper products
  • Integrated security transmitters and trackers
  • Interactive advertising and paper media
  • Medical or biomaterial sensors and devices
  • LED illumination without batteries
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