Innovation and sustainability

At the heart of our innovation process lie our key values of high quality and sustainability. In creating PowerCoat®, we wanted to catalyze the transition from fossil fuel based substrates to a 100% recyclable cellulose based substrate. PowerCoat isn’t just recyclable and biogradable – it’s also FSC certified*, meaning that pulp is sourced from forests that are managed responsibly.

This responsible approach extends way beyond the sourcing of our raw materials; it is also a key factor in our production process. The factory where this paper is produced is certified ISO14001, ensuring that our production process respects the highest environmental standards.

With PowerCoat we have used years of expertise in paper manufacturing and our passion for innovation to create a sustainable, ultra-perfomance alternative to plastics.

Sustainability makes sense. It makes sense for us. It makes sense for our employees. It reflects the evolving values of all our stakeholders, from suppliers and customers, through to designers, printers and end users.


*Forest Stewardship Council


The Blank Sheet Project

All great ideas start with a blank sheet of paper. Ours started with a process of consultation culminating in over two thousand blank sheets of paper, filled with ideas and proposals from our employees.

From those two thousand once blank sheets, we identified four pillars which would provide the foundation of our sustainability strategy.

The Pillars

  • Conserve valuable resources
  • Reduce energy and emissions
  • Care for people and the community
  • Optimize the value chain